Get your rifles and shotguns checked before that big buck gets away. We offer laser boresighting for $25.00, we also give you a ballistics report based on the ammo you will be shooting.


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I have been considering purchasing a laser boresight, as I frequently move my optics around. I see there are several types: cartridge, muzzle inserted, and muzzle magnetic. I would think the cartridge type would be the most natural, but I could imagine manufacturing quality would be a major factor. Any suggestions on which to buy, or why not to buy and go with a boresighting service (original post)?
From my stand point, muzzle magnetic works great. It allows me to switch to different bore sizes. For what you will spend on a laser bore sight you can have a professional laser bore sight your gun and i my instance, i ask bullet infomation and i give you a report on what corrections to make a various distances.