L1 digital fingerprinting has been stopped!

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Somebody is in trouble!



The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) will not be implementing the Digitized Fingerprinting Concealed Weapon Permit (CWP) program as was previously announced. SLED personnel will continue to seek efficiency measures Division-wide, including the CWP program. SLED appreciates the patience demonstrated by each CWP applicant as SLED Regulatory personnel attempt to address CWP application turnaround times during these challenging economic times.


Mecklenburg County in North Carolina has digitized finger printing for just about everything, but the permit itself is just a blue on white form. no photo, no 3D image, only a small impression stamp similar to a notary's seal in the middle of the card.
It is laminated much like a garden variety ID card like you would get from an employer or something.

The digital fingerprint allows them to hold, retrieve, and transfer it easier.



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I don't mind the digital fingerprinting I minded having to get it done again.
I didn't want any holdups when I applied for my ccw so I went over to the county jail and got it done digitally.
Not a drop of ink was used in the process, just a bit of toner when they printed them out.

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Glad Gov. Sanford stepped in. Checked L1'S website and found only 13 locations STATEWIDE! Numerous calls to L1 with no response to date. Got time to kill, check out L1 Identification Services, find locations in SC, then Google the addresses and see what you get. Unbelievable :roll:


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I prefer no regs on carry except maybe a training class on the laws of the state. Only damn thing I miss about that liberal state of Vermont. No rules on firearms themselves or how you carry them.

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I've said it before, I am no fan of MANDATORY training. We should seek to be educated in any endeavor, however, that is purely a personal matter not to be decided by government.