Keltec KSG


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That's an awesome shotgun.
I have been planning on getting one since I first heard about them.
Not that I am going to retire my 870's or will I?

Midnight Raver

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A nice firearm, but I can see them not being allowed in LOTS of places...

them criminal elephants might even give up their sideways pistols for these too! :roll:


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I would buy one if I had a use for it. So far I've never needed to use my Mossberg 500 and I've had it since 1985.


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On one of the LE forums I am on, they were talking about this shotgun, seems the PD are getting first dibs on this. :twisted:

PD = Police Department :mrgreen:


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These guns are currently being sold for $2000 + :|

Will production on these guns ever be enough for them to be sold at their MSRP or, like all other guns, below the MSRP?


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Drexellake said:
I saw some about a month ago in the $900 range. :?:

All the hearsay and scuttlebutt I've been privy to says that gunshops are limited to receipt of a single KSG per month and most of them are jacking up the prices. The gunshow prices reflect this hefty inflation as well. Anything less than $900 and I will almost assuredly purchase one. Anything above $900 and it's definitely a no-go.