Keepitsimple says hello from Spartanburg


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Hello everyone. Glad to see there is a local forum related to guns and all related. I am trying to break myself away from my car obsession. I own quite a few guns and have a good bit of knowledge when it comes to guns. So, I may just fit in well.

Background: Air Force/Engineering/major gear head/loving husband and father/Firm Believer in God and the Sanctity of our American lives.



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Welcome to the Forum....We are glad you are here.

As you can see from my handle...I used to be a Mustang nut...had a bunch of them...I just burned out with them...

Now it is Harley Davidsons and guns...

Hope you can make SHootzenfest...

I will be the guy burning hot dogs...



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What flavor of cars and guns do you like?
Don't worry about Steve. If he burns too many hot dogs I'll strap a couple to my husbands' AK and let a couple of mags fly down range. They'll be nice and roasted then. ;)


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Well thanks for the welcome everyone.

Regarding the cars I have built a lot of them. Had about every different kind. Domestic/Import
I currently have a car that I use to race (autocross and hill climb) scca events.
anyways Pic of recent engine setup:

My last set up was very quick. Never got it on the dyno but made some very fast runs. Up there with corvette's and such. Maybe power output around 280-300hp.

And guns?
Im into about everything other than antiques. I really love my handguns and Black guns. The tactical stuff really gets me going.

I have built a couple of AR's in the past but never could hang on to them. Anyways, my next purchase may be a Berretta CX4 Storm 9mm. I would like to match grade my PC gun (Ruger Sr9).

Wife carry's a lCR stocked with +P

Anyways, Heres the PC guns. I dont web slut my black guns :)

Sweeties lcr

My group with the lcr at 20ft