Kahr CW9 vs CM9


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I am a little hesitant between the 2 for my next carry pistol. Does anyone have any experience with either. I know the difference between the 2. CW is slightly bigger and has 1 more round. I would like to hear any experience in conceal carry. Would prefer the CW. But will see what you guys say.


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I have had the CW9. It was a nice small gun. I liked it, but, it was still a little large for pocket carry. I had a rough leather ISWB holster that I carried it in. It worked good in that...I liked the gun, and it was a good shooter.....but, like a lot of other guns....someone else needed it more than me, and so I traded it off.

I just traded off a CW 45...It was a little larger than the 9, but. to me it was worth the difference in size. But, I shoot .45 all the time..I carried the .45 in the same holster that I used for the 9 mm.

Hope this helped.



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Thank you. It does. I currently carry the PT145 from Taurus. double stack 45 just gets difficult in the summer. I may need to look at the dimension for the CW45. I wish I could find someone that has a large selection of kahr's.


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I have a PM9 (same as CM but with polygonal rifling and "nicer" finishing). I wouldn't want anything bigger than PM/CM for pocket carry. I have a MTAC IWB holster for it when needed. It carries very well IWB also. If you want the extra capacity, carry it with the 7 round extended mag +1, or carry an extra mag. Single stack mags are easy to slide in a pocket.

Great shooter BTW.


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I too have the PM9. It's my Sunday afternoon or going to dinner gun. It's great to carry. Just remember that the Kahr will need to be broken it. I think the factory recommends 200 rounds.



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I stopped by Dewey's Pawn (Greenville) and saw a Kahr 45 for < $500. I did't get the model, but it may have been the TP45, as it had the long hand grip. It was a bit thin for my paws, but may fit a woman's hand. Anybody have any experience with these? Price seems good for what I've seen from Kahr.


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I had the same dilemma around the time of this thread.

I went ahead and got a CW9.

This afternoon I had run across a CM9 for sale on Armslist so I Googled the comparison between the two and, wouldn't you know, this thread popped up in the results.

From what I can gather a CM9 will be shorter than my CW9 and is touted as great for pocket carry.

I prefer IWB or OWB.

I likely won't get one.