Just Got In A Big Shipment Today At East Coast Guns


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We just received between 20 and 30 new guns today,including a FN 5.7 in OD green,several nice 1911's and a S&W Performance Center 686. I've been extremely busy with repairs but will try to list more models and prices when I get the chance. Until then come on by and say hi,introduce yourself and let us know that your part of the forum.


East Coast Guns is on Hwy 17A in Summerville, right?
I went by there this past weekend, but it was after hours.

I went to the 39th annual Scottish Highland Games at Boone Hall.
It was hot and humid, but well worth it. There is something about bagpipe music that gets to me.
Racial memory perhaps, I don't know. It always makes me stop and listen.

The caber toss also makes me wince! :eek:

I heard a story about East Coast Guns, it went that a customer, a complete stranger, came in and the guys behind the counter gave him advice that was best for the customer rather than just what would get a sale. That is a great way to do business if your in it for the long term.
A good reputation will bring people in the store quicker then any advertisement you can buy.



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Thats right Pops, It use to be East Coast Power Sports and we still have some of the signs out front but we're 100% gun shop now. Which by the way,the signs are for sale too!

I don't doubt that the story you heard was true. Everybody in the shop is either a certified NRA instructor or RSO and we all shoot and hunt on a regular basis. I personally volunteer every other weekend at BELT Training,as a line coach/RSO and on site gunsmith,so I see what it's like when someone gets mated with the wrong firearm. It's really important to the guys in the shop that the customer is walking out with the firearm and the information that best suits their needs.


I've heard about you guys...prolly from someone at the gun show...just haven't had time to stop by yet. Will soon, you're just up the road from the house, kinda/sorta. I heard you have good ammo prices, we'll see. ;)


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Ya know,I've never really paid any attention to the prices. I usually have my head stuck in a receiver somewhere and don't work sales enough for any of the prices to stick in my head. Actually,I'm getting to the age where not much of anything is retained for very long. :?