Joining up because I'm moving in

Scott J

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Just got offered a job in upstate today and I'm going to accept tomorrow. I'll have to report in 3 weeks. No way I can get the house sold by then so my wonderful wife is staying here to take care of that while I start the new gig. I'll be renting until our house here (just outside Birmingham) sells.

Here's a recycle of my intro to a local forum there I joined shortly after discovering IDPA. My son is now 6 and baby girl now 4.

Now that I've read this forum's title I'll give a little more background to go along with the above.

I became a shooter in 1991. My first was an old S&W pre model 10 in .38 special. I traded that on a 686 that I later traded on a 629 Classic (and finally wised up and stopped trading off stuff because I regret it later).

That sort of sealed my fate as a revolver guy. Other than a couple of .22s I never even owned an auto until I bought a 1911 in 1998.

I got into long range rifle early. I was working at a place called Story's in Opelika (where employees got to buy guns at cost) and one of the regular customers was an Opelika PD detective who also helped train the city's snipers. His family had lots of land so he was able set up his own private 600 and 1,000 yard ranges. I spent many Saturdays learning the ins and outs of shooting those distances.

He also got me into NRA Highpower. Got started on a shoestring with an old '03-A3 he sold me and helped me get accurized. I competed regularly for most of 1993 and a good portion of 1994 before hanging it up to return to Auburn and finish up my degree.

After school came moving and career and I didn't shoot much at all until 2008. I finally realized I could safely do a 25 yard range in the backyard and made sure the neighbors wouldn't freak. Starting that fall I managed to start getting a least some rounds downrange out of something once a month minumum. My goal being to get back to my level of roughly 50 rounds per week on average.

I'm also a reloader and it has waxed and waned along with my shooting. In late 2009 I added boolit casting to the mix because I tend to be sort of cheap.

I decided to try IDPA at the urging of a co-worker. Her hubby shoots it.

I'm married to the same wonderful woman for 15 years and we have a 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter. She fully supports my gun nuttery.

I'm trying to encourage the boy (and will the girl as she gets older):


Since posting that I have become an IDPA addict. This move madness is going to eat in to my time for it unfortunately.

Scott J

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Also I am mainly a revolver guy at heart but have been shooting my XD-9 or CZ 75B in IDPA the most.






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Welcome to the Forum...

IS that a Garand that I see your son holding???? I know we will be friends...Love my Garand...


PS....You also have some great looking kids...

I have a couple of revolvers, also...One is a 29-3 .44 Mag that gets shot by a lot of people...

Scott J

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fordnut said:
IS that a Garand that I see your son holding???? I know we will be friends...Love my Garand...

Yes. In the store in Anniston. I finally got around to getting me one back in 2009.

Wish I'd have the time and money for another before the store is more that a mere hour's drive away. But I'm getting a used 1911 for Christmas instead.

Scott J

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Looks like I might have found my rental already. Nice duplex on the Southeast side of Seneca.

Since it'll mostly be a man pad I'll probably set up the loading benches in the breakfast nook :)

Hopefully this moving madness won't eat into my IDPA time too much. Can't wait to get out and see Skip J Range. I think that's the closest private one to Seneca.

Stan in SC

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Scott J,
Welcome to the upstate of South Carolina.I am very familiar with Story's in Opelika.My home town is near there and I have been to Story's a lot.
I knew that was Anniston when I saw it.That is a great place to visit and shop and Orest is a super guy.

Stan in SC


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Welcome to SC.
I too have an XD9 and a Garand. Love them both. Do you reload for the Garand?
I do hope you post pictures and details about the 1911 when you get it. That's next on my list lol

Scott J

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Enjay, I currently load for: .380, 9MM, .38/357, .45 Auto, .44 Mag, .308 and .30-06.

I kept my .223 dies when I sold my AR-15 way back when. Bought a couple of Palmetto State lowers this past Spring and hope to finish at least one in 2012 (we'll see what the move does to that plan).

I have .270 dies my brother gave me when he quit reloading but don't own a .270.

I have 7.62X39 and .30-30 dies but have never gotten around to loading either of those.

I need to add .44 Special to the loads I build since pa-in-law down in North Charleston just bought a Bulldog Pug.

For the Garand I like 48gr of IMR4064 under a 168gr Sierra Matchking. An old Bart Bobbit load.

It also works really well in small-base brass for my "sniper" .30-06. I shot a 5 shot .298 group with it in a 100 yard benchrest match earlier this year.


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i have the same 686 plus. if you carry that like i did, you would love the 386. its the same gun made from scandium, a titanium cylinder and stainless bbl. its 17 ounces ,not the 34 of the 686.

you can hardly tell its on.