Is Tenn a police state now?


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It looks like Tennessee is off my personal map now. :evil:
I watched this and kept thinking about how I was loading the 100 round calico magazine in the car on the way to the range today while Kevin was driving, if we lived in Tennessee we could have been turned over to the TSA by any driver who saw what I was doing. In the past we've had to move rifles around from the trunk to the back seat or vice versa when we've needed more space and since we don't always have them in a case that could get us turned in too. Guess I need to find some sturdy blankets and get sewing.

Tenn has also made it illegal to share private log in information on websites such as Netflix, and to post images online that some might find disturbing. I can't see that one being abused at all. [/sarcasm]

Any ideas on how to stop this from spreading?


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Any ideas on how to stop this from spreading?

the answer is ......................

Wait for it...............................



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Tennessee is a great place to visit, I have several friends there and this stupidity isn't going to stop me from going for visits. Unless your driving a truck your not part of it, Although I don't see the use of TSA thats just a waste of money. I can tell you from an ex truckers stand point the DOT cops are worse.

Biganimal is correct vote the bastards out!