Is it just me?


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The family of a border patrol agent killed with a rifle that was part of the Fast & Furious operation is suing the federal government for 25$ million. While I am all for this in light of the revelations about Fast & Furious, they are also suing the gun store that sold the weapons, under ATF direction, to the straw buyer.

Is it just me or does this seem like a gross misuse of the legal system since the store that sold the guns was forced to sell them by the agency in charge of controlling illegal gun activity?


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I don't think, on a personal level, that suing the gun shop is right, but perhaps their reasoning is that if they make an example of the ATF and their unwilling lackeys, more gun shops will be less cooperative with them?


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Through taxes, we have to pay China back on the loan they will take out to pay the settlement. They sue them, but we ultimately pay the price.


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You know, I had not even considered that aspect of it. Do we want this lawsuit to succeed, and pave the way for similar ones related to fast & furious? These guns are going to be popping up all over the world for the next 50 years I?ll bet. Any of the suits that succeed we will ultimately end up paying for, probably through a special tax on firearms, ammunition, and ?related items? since those are what ?caused? the problem. So ultimately you and I and other American shooters are going to be the ones paying settlements out for the criminal activities of others, and the criminal activities of our federal government and the agencies responsible for policing those activities. How is this ?fair and just??

I don?t think justice is blind anymore. I?m leaning more towards myopic


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we the people are responsible for our government.

looks like we would want some real smart people in there.
It's not just you. If the government had the store/s sell to those folks, then the blame is on the government. The whole program was their baby, not the merchants. It has been said, and I believe, that the program was instituted so the gov. could point to the guns used by the drug cartells that were purchased in the US. They hoped to produce a public outcry for more gun control. Of course the public was not suppose to find out that the cartells got the guns through the workings of our government.