Is it better to be an open or secret prepper?


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If your going to be very careful who you tell. You become a target because people will know you have a lot of valuables.


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Interesting article. Read one the other day bout how Homeland Security has been checking out what people have been posting bout their activities on a couple of prepper sites.


I save my posting activities for the firearm forums, which probably attracts enough attention. Reading whatever I can on everything.

Getting good deals on supplies I might need a few of? Usually verbal.

I watched a few episodes with the wife, and saw sensationalism at work. Stopped watching. And from the prices for the conference in Columbia recently, the show's experts are taking advantage of the attention all ways possible.

Maybe not full stealth, but like my driveway, not "wide open" either.


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I feel that people knowing that you are prepared for an emergency is fine. Beyond anything more than that general statement, no. I would not share any contingency plans for specific situations. I would not share information on my inventory of strategic supplies. I have several co-workers who know my hobby and have expressed a desire to join me in case of troubles. I haven't the heart to tell them they might get a rifle muzzle up their nose if they come uninvited. With all these things, there is no hard and fast answer. To survive we must band together, but at the same time you can't let everyone in the lifeboat.
Since I'm still active duty, bugging out isn't a viable option until its too late to get far. Sheltering in place is out of the question up here in winter, and not much better in summer. I'm in the middle of the Northeast Megalopolis (AKA Death Zone). Hence why I hope the balloon doesnt go up until after 19 Nov 2014, otherwise, faretheewell and adieu my fair spanish ladies.


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Little bit of an old thread but I just joined. I don't think there's anything wrong with prepping, or at least having some supplies ready. I have a "Zompoc" kit (just for the name, not because I really think there will be a Zompoc lol) that stays in the back of my car. Has all sorts of survival goodies: knives, space blanket, compass, stuff for starting a fire, duct tape, flashlights, battery charger, etc.

Nothing wrong with being prepared!


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Nothing else I can really say about that.


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how about this for "thank you"

nancy poluski includes all returning soldiers as potential trrrrar people

"if you see something say something"? i see a gobernment gone wrong.

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Well of course she thinks we're terrorizers.

We work for the government, familarity breeds contempt.
We are increasingly of a demographic that is almost overwhelmingly opposed to her policies.
We dont have the sheep mentality.
We can organize a resistance.


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This is how I view preparedness: EVERYONE needs to be prepared. For what? For whatever.

From a child's diaper exploding on you while shopping in Publix, to the rapist in the park, to the ice storm that cuts off power for a week, to the sudden and unexpected death of a loved one. It truly pays to be prepared, and it especially pays to surround yourself with prepared individuals. Who wants to live in a neighborhood of "entitled" snobs that chap the teat of charity with their incessant suckling, when one could be surround by hard-working individuals who know the value of honesty, grace, justice and mercy?

It's why I tell everyone to be prepared for anything (within reason). Job loss, baby poo-splosion, and power outages? Definitely have those! Zombie apocalypse, earth-scorching solar flares, and alien invasions? Not nearly as likely.

I think that if we become the "secret squirrels" that the media portrays survivalists as, then keep it to yourself. Survivalism has enough of those; we need real men and women that genuinely care about God and country and what to do when the dirty diaper hits the fan.



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Anybody ever hear the story of the grasshopper and the ant? If not, I think they even made it into a movie...


i think that it is important to know your surrondings and people.
Preppering should be BOTH open and secret.
Because of mine and wife's ages and health issues we try to keep our neighbors informed and our children and grand children close. They all know to come to us IF and WHEN anything happens SHTF. Only in the really extreme cases will we even think of leaving our home.I BELIEVE in strenght in numbers and i still feel fully able to train my neighbors and family into some kind of fighting /survival force. Keep only those you trust in the loop and keep everything else out of prying eyes.
Hey wait a minute if the gov reads this i might be in trouble, LOL.
I am not a nut job it is that i WILL NOT let the gov take what is mine.
Rebel Sgt 1 out
upstate SC


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Regulis7 said:

Even our state wants us to prepare!!! Responsible citizens are prepared.

What, no gun? No ammo?


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I've had a large amount on non-surgical medical training. I'm going to go to the Red Cross in Columbia and check out the 1st Aid manual the website says is free. If it's any good/worth having, I'll let ya'll know.