iron sights on bolt guns


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except for milsurps, I can't find an inexpensive bolt action with iron sights. how hard/expensive would it be to add iron sights to something like a rem 700 short action?


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Numrich has Remington factory sights,but doesn't sell them complete. So you would have to add all the individual parts to get a total dollar amount. You'd have to make sure you get the sights for your barrel contour and diameter and the find another rifle to measure the sight radius from. The barrel gets thicker torwards the rear so a slight deviation in sight radius would effect your ability to adjust your elevation to its lower and upper maximum. I think your looking at drilling a tapping 3 holes and you would have to find someone with bottom taps since your not drilling through the barrel. I don't see why it can't be done. I guessing about $150.

Jim Kelly at Darlington gunworks would be the closest one to you that I would recommend. Keep in mind though, he's very good at what he does and stays extremely busy!