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I have never owned or even shot a 1911, but I somehow feel that I need/want one. My question is, what is the best for my money? I am not trying to spend a heap of cash, I am really looking to spend $500-$600. Like I said 1911's are a whole new ball game for me.. Any help would be awesome.


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I would look into the Rock Island line of 1911's. I had a 5" GI model and I loved it. It was very picky for about 300 rounds, then it would eat anything and you couldn't get it to not fire...

After about 400 rounds thru it, I was useing it as my truck gun....I liked it a lot and it was very accurate...and they are around $450.00 new...

Hope this helps some...



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It's good to see an admitted Kimber nut is not a Kimber snob. I've heard nothing but good about the Rock Island, hard as it is to believe at that price.

Now what do the prices look like on the American Classic?


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The American classic basic model IIRC starts around $425.

I've shot the Rock Island GI model and also recommend it as a good first 1911. The RI's start around $375-$400 depending on what model you get. Now if you want to go a little higher Taurus IMO makes a good one the PT1911. I've had mine for three years now Have run around 500 rnds through it and it's been flawless.


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Taurus makes some real nice 1911 in the same price range and come with a lifetime warranty. A neighbor has to that I shoot often.


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I like the Rock Island and the Taurus. I've put about 800 rounds through the Taurus and the only glitch was the ambi safety came apart. Quick fix after I got a new spring and detente. (They flew to parts unknown, you know.) My son has the Rock Island and he has put a large number of rounds through it without a problem. He always recommends them for first time 1911 owners.


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there wasnt a Rock Island when i bought my Colts all for about $400 each
all 70 series and 1 officers model 80 series.

i have a Para alloy commander frame with an officers slide and my comp gun is a steel Para frame, hard chromed, with Gold Cup slide, Wilson Compensated bbl, many 16 rd mags, a 19 rd and a 23 round 45 mag. IPSC legal.

when i saw the tiny ad for a double stack 45 i called the number and told them to send me one. they said we havent even started making them yet. i said hurry up. the alloy kit was $178 with an extra mag. the steel kit was $288 with an extra mag.

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I am by no means an expert,

BUT I have read and I have seen that the weakest link in a 1911 is the magazine. Rock Island gives you a hook-up with their products, they dont ship them with coarse parkerized GI style mags, You get that pistol with a hard blued Novak magazine, the follower is solid stainless and will not tilt, also its an 8 shot vice 7 with a heavy duty bottom pad. RIA 1911's are not as tight as a Les Bauer, they dont have all the bells and whistles of a Kimber or Para, However, it gobbles down Plated SWC's, gaping Hollowpoints, you name it. It is as reliable as my revolvers, and that i feel is truly saying something. Its a perfect fun gun, great to start out with, and even at that i would not feel the least bit disadvantaged using it to protect my life. NOW in my humble opinion, from there I'd like to move up to a springer' 1911. I feel SA puts out the next notch up in 1911, but then Dave29461's Taurus is a reasonable gun for someone who wants ambi safety's, rails, and all the modern doo-daddery.

Really in a nutshell, whatever inexpensive 1911 you buy, DONT BUY CHEAP MAGAZINES!!!! Buy Novaks, Chip McC, and the like.


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thanks for all the replies!!! It looks like Rock Island gets a resounding vote..I may look at the American Classic as well..