Intro/Defensive Firearm Course // CCW



It's Pitt again with another question for the group.

My fiancee will soon be here, and she is a bit of a country girl so she isn't afraid of guns.

But I would like a suggestion on some quality firearms training...I was thinking of a course that is done over a weekend with plenty of range time. I'd prefer the instructors not be bat-shit crazy or tell stories to the class about how "If you get shot by a .45 in the toe, you will spin around then be dead before you hit the ground".

Any courses in the Charleston (would be willing to drive up to 2hrs) that are worth their salt?


+1 for BELT Training. I drove an hour and a half to take their CWP class and it was well worth it. They are professional, knowledgeable and very welcoming. They have a nice facility for classroom instruction and the range is outdoors - a real plus, in my opinion.
B.E.L.T. training for my money, in Reevesville. Near St. George (I-26 & I-95) area. Great folks, nice facility, professional training. Call Lisa Marie.


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Love BELT. Lisa Marie and her Husband are great, they really know their stuff and are more than willing to spend extra time with you if you need it, be it with a holster issue, stance, whatever. All of the paperwork is handled right there, including the fingerprinting, and they feed you a good, home cooked meal too.


Just took the CWP class at BELt Training today. They did a great job and I would highly recommend them. For something as important as personal defense, do your research and choose a training/certification facility that has YOUR best interest at heart. Toomy and Lisa Marie PASSIONATELY CARE about your 2nd ammendment rights and will do erything and anything within their power ot ensure that you have the best training experience available.