Intersting "60 Minutes" on CBS


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if you didnt see it you need to search it up somewhere.
first congress makes the laws, but heres another one they are exempt from. INSIDER TRADING. they are making millions of dollars from knowing what was said IN CONGRESS.

second a company called TASER has cornered the taser market. they want, not only the cops, but all of us to be armed with tasers.
wont that be fun? robbed at taser point. you broke in line....zzzzzzzzzzzap. thats the last Spock doll. zzzzz its mine now.
tasers have killed people. can we then use deadly force to stop an attack, and keep the Spock doll?

i know its not a gun subject, but neither are resturants. it is something we should all know, mabye do something about.