Interesting new holster


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Thanks, Enjay, for the link!

Just a wee bit off-topic....saw in your profile that you hail from Summervile SC...I lived there for three years, 1980/81/82 while stationed at the Naval Base. Rented a place (mobile home) that was on the corner of Dorchester, and a road that took you to Rte 52 (?) that took you through a wonderful magnolia-covered road to the Naval Base...

Small world!


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@shrapnel762 - would need to think *outside the box*, so to speak, and look at it the same way as selecting the right hammer to do the job on a project. In other words, you don't get a construction hammer in order to build a cabinet, and Lord knows you don't get a cabintemakers hammer to try to frame a house with.

Same applies for the Pistol Pouch. It *has* its specific applications, where wearing it blends PERFECTLY and actually attracts no attention whatsoever. This is a picture of one of my customers, wearing the Pistol Pouch in her RenFaire garb, so that she can carry and have on her person a self-defense tool should she need it.


(The link to her original post is here...)

As you can see...the holster *does* have its applications, and as a way to carry without drawing ANY attention to yourself at a RenFaire, its perfectly suited. It can also strap onto a gas tank of a motorcycle, and will not draw ANY attention because it looks like an accessory bag. Its also perfectly suited to be an under-the-dash mount holster in a car or truck. Strapped to the handle bars of a mountain or trail bicycle. On an ATV.

The possibilities are endless, and in each of the above applications, would never even get a second look from anyone.