Interesting bubba job


Oct 1, 2009
North Chuck, SC
I think he may have devalued it by oh I dunno 500% or so.
But then again it looks like its worth $180 (at the time I checked) to someone.
Probably his Uncle Daddy


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Jan 24, 2010
My Bubba recently completed. Before the rock throwing begins please understand that this rifle had already been bubba'd by a previous owner. They had stripped of the sights,all the furniture except the basic stock, which was heavily sanded. The receiver had been ground very roughly to accept a crude side scope mount which was held on by 4 screws tapped into the receiver. All collector value was gone. I rescued it from a truck toolbox for little money. Its redeeming qualities were good but dark bore which cleaned up well. Hex receiver with the year 1895, SA capture stamp and matching # bolt, receiver.

With help from a couple of skilled friends the grind marks were smoothed, holes filled, barrel shortened to 14" with a permanently mounted flashider to bring it back to 16 1/2", scout mounted 3-7 x 32 extended eye relief scope, all metal parkerized and some textured krylon to finnish the stock.

Under $150.00 poor mans scout. o yea 4" 5shot at 100 yd with surplus ball.