I'm not as much of a camper as I used to be . . .


Last time I went camping I took a hot plate for the cooking. I didn't have room for much wood adn knowing I was going to a SC State Park, Sadlers Creek, I knew I wouldn't be allowed to forage for wood to burn. I did take some charcoal though.

Any way, the hot plate and the Forman grill worked for the two of us and were so easy that I got to spend more time relaxing instead of tending a fire.

I felt a like poos, but what the heck, I ate good and the clean up was simple.
I can't spell either . . .



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Re: I'm not as much of acampre as I used to be . . .

For me the campfire is half the experience.

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Re: I'm not as much of acampre as I used to be . . .

A real cheap way to warm up and/or cook is with the poor mans stove, and it only has 2 components to it.

First is the heat source. Take an empty tuna can that is washed out. Then, cut a strip of cardboard about a foot long and slightly wider than the height of the tuna can. Roll it up length wise and insert it into the can- it will then be like a cardboard spiral inside. Pour melted wax into the can to just below the rim. Good sources for wax are leftover candle ends, kids crayon stubs, birthday candles and what not. Scented ones might not be desirable though, as they may add a funky flavor possibly(I used to make these in the pre-scented candle wax era). This kind of homemade heating and light source can actually burn for quite some time, with the cardboard acting as a wick/heating coil.

The other component is the cooking surface or hot plate, so to speak. A larger diameter can that is not too high will be required. Something like a coffee can would do nicely. Usually they now have an open end so not much is required to modify them. Cut up from the open edge a rectangular opening a little bit higher than the tuna can in height and about 3 inches wide. This will allow air to supply the flame and any smoke and pressure to get out.

You light the tuna can and place the bigger can over it. The bottom of the bigger can is now useable as a direct cooking surface if you wish to clean it after or to place a small metal cup or plate on top of. With this method I have cooked hot dog sections, bacon pieces, fried small eggs and even boiled them using a small metal cup. The candle can can be blown out and used over several times and can really heat that surface fast. Care must be taken to let both components cool down for a while.

The best thing about this method is that it is a good backup kit for camping trips. It is an expedient way for some light, heat, and quick food to get by on. You can make 2 tuna cans and put them inside the coffee can and stick the plastic cover on it for safe keeping with your gear. Believe me, it sure came in handy during the rainy and snowy times up here in New England on more than one occasion!


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After 8 years in the Army and 18 months spent in a land where our little yellow brothers did their best to separate me from my cohones I am not a big fan of "camping". I have a policy that I never get to far from a Hot shower or a flush toilet. All you young whippersnappers can camp all you want. If it does not have the 2 named conveniences accessible then I ain't going....now some of the new campers that they have out are pretty attractive and when I hit the lottery I might brake down and buy the wife one.


I haven't camped in quite awhile but I had to have a camp fire and loved to listen to the crickets at night ( good memories)

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I just got a hole bunch of brand new camping gear. A pack, two canteens, gore-tex top and bottoms, thermal underwear, fleece, watch cap, tarp, poncho liner, sleeping system with two different sleeping bags rated for different temperatures, and it all came in this nifty green camouflage pattern ;)
I camp from time to time. I found some lovely campgrounds. Thay are called the Hyatt, the Luxor. I really like one in a little town in Nevada called the Bellagio :lol:


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I'm not a camping kind of guy honestly. I keep out of nature's backyard, it stays out of mine. The deal has worked well so far.


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Both my sons are Eagle Scouts.
I walked most of the Eagle trail with both of my sons so I spent more time in the woods than you would believe if I told you.
We camped regardless of the weather.
Rain, Cold, Heat, it did not matter, if our troop was scheduled to go we went.


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My son is a Boy Scout also! Only 11 years old right now but in a troop that consistently puts out a lot of Eagles. We do more camping now than I have done in years!


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Enjoy your time in the woods with your son.
If I had it to do over again I would.
There came a time with both sons that they needed a nudge and then came a time they needed a swift kick fortunately I was there to administer it.

You will find yourself using your vacation to go camping.
I have camped when it was so cold that the moisture from my breath condensed on the tent and froze.
I have camped when it was so hot I got heat exhaustion while sleeping. (not really)

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You haven't camped until you do in the snow- with bottomless tents, no less! :lol:

I haven't camped though since the summer of 1992 I think. It was a canoe camping trip on the Saco River in Maine. I will never go back there again though. In 1996 a good friend I had worked with and his wife both drowned there while saving their young son who had fell in. Quite the sacrifice they made, one that he and everyone who knew them will never forget.


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We are on goat island on lake greenwood camping tonight.forcast is 27 deg tonight. The lightweights are already in the tent, hamman is outside, thank goodness for 70's on the radio and canadian whiskey, sleep by the fire