I'm Back!! Its been a while.

Didn't realize how long I had been inactive and out of the loop until I took a look around and realized my last messages were from 2013..

Been a busy almost decade, went from bachelor with toy money, to fiance needing wedding money, to dad of a 4 year old needing grocery money!

Sooner or later I figured the bug would bite again, and its starting to!

Dusted off an old project and seeing if I can gain some momentum.



Dang this is truly a blast from the past kinda post, awesome to hear from you! Congrats on the family.

I'm planning to shoot my Blackout (with some cast bullets) tomorrow among other toys.
I hope you have a great time out shooting, I kinda dropped off he face of the earth for a bit, but slowly getting the bug again.

Thinking of a 338 Spectre build next first in almost 10 years!

Great to see you're around!



Good to have you back!

If you do a 338 spectre use the LWRC six8 receiver set.

I switched over and the Pmags are so much better/ reliable.
Thanks M16Maniac, I hadn't thought that far ahead, still trying to pull off the barrel(s) build.

I'll look into them.

New Frontier Armory has a 6.8 SPC billet lower based on the design that uses the same magazines. I managed to snag a matched upper lower set through a trade so will base the build on that. SC


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Congrats on the update, family transformation, and welcome back to the site! We sure are glad you decided to join us again!

Looking forward to hearing about your build.