i want to learn reloading


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greetings to all fellow palmetto shooters.
My son-in-law a few weeks ago GAVE me a Hyman 310 with .444 caliber dies
He got it in a trade and he thought I might be able to use it. I will humbly admit I didn't even know what it was.
I thought it was a gimmick or something to that effect. I went to the great god called Youtube and found out it was for real.
I knew that in the blackpowder days men reloaded their own. I own 2 CW .44 revolvers.
I want 2 things
1. sell or trade the .444 dies to someone that will use them.
2. I want to hear from all you shooters with regards to what you think about this hyman 310.
Understand im nowhere stupid about reloading it is just that I am a military surplus ammo kind of guy.
If after hearing from you guys I would like to SLOWLY try my hand at AMATUER reloading
I like .303 brit 6.6 jap 6.5 carcano and 8x57R Hungarian I love these old guns and calibers
SSOOOOO how about some feedback
THANK YOU in advance

upstate SC


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Don't know anything about that particular press. BUT, reloading as a basic process is pretty easy. Pick up a book (order online or ask the library) - I like the Lee book, but all powder and bullet manufacturers seem to make them. The Lee at least explains the whole thing.

With that press you are limited in caliber choices as it doesn't take standard dies.
http://www.lymanproducts.com/lyman/dies ... 0-tool.php

BTW - next time you shoot Carcano or Arisaka, please save me your brass, even if they're Berdan primed. I need to make some dummy rounds. If you ever make it to the Charleston area, I'll trade for some loaded .303 surplus.


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wow thats going a little too far back into reloading for me. thats for loading in the field.

instead of a HYMAN get yourself a LYMAN single stage press to go along with that Lee book.