i need a used ar-15


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hey is anyone selling a used ar-15 inexspensive is the key i plan to build it up my self but i will only be around for about 6 months cause i will be deploying so i dont want to spend a whole bunch of money right away. thanks for any interest.


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How much you wanting to spend??? You will probably not buy an AR-15 for $400.00....

Do you have any other guns to trade???

Where are you located?



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no one is going to sell an AR for less than you can get a new one for at Palmetto State Armory ($600 ) unless Bob at Upstate Armory has some of those Plum Crazy guns left. (MAYBE less)



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I agree with Tigerstripe. There is (maybe WAS by now) one in Iwanna for $725, but usually you would be looking at $1000 and up for some reason.

Being as Palmetto State Armory in Cola is not a sponsor of our forum, I would at least give Bob at Upstate Armory Group an opportunity first.

FYI, I know of at least one person who got an AR (some ass'y req'd) for around $500. The only thing you would find less than that would be chambered in 22LR.