I hate living in Bugtussle


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Today I started looking for a way to use an I-Pad as a remote control.
Not wanting to get an IR adaptor I looked for alternatives.
I found a Comcast XFINITY app that would let me control the tv via my I-Pad or other I- device.
I thought how cool it was that such a thing existed, I knew I would not be able to control all the devices such as the sound system or the optical player but I could at least change channels and such with a remote I could actually read.

I looked it up online and found that my Scientific Atlanta cable box was incompatible.
All the Scientific Atlanta / Cisco and a host of others are incompatible.
I called Comcast support and they assured me I could take my cable box to the office and swap it for one that was compatible.
Sooo I take a long lunch run to the house grab the box and haul butt to the Comcast office.
Once there I stand in a huge line, the lady at the counter was very nice and gave me a new box and remote with a minimum of fuss.
On the way out the door I happened to look at the bottom of the device and discovered that it was also a Scientific Atlanta.
I turned around and spoke with a supervisor who informed me that we do not have that capability here in Bugtussle.
Now not only have I lost two hours of my life I am no better off than I was.
In fact I am worse off because I have an un-programed remote to fight with tonight.
Jeez! I would have expected this sort of thing if I lived in Hooterville but not here in Bugtussle!
First my I-Phone gets a crappy signal because AT&T concentrates it's efforts in major cities and now this!

I decided I was going to call customer service and complain hoping they would get the word out so this would not happen to anyone else.
I spoke to a young man who issued me a service credit for my trouble and promised he would make his supervisor aware of this problem.
That was more than I had hoped for.
Good recovery Comcast.

We should have that capability sometime this summer.

To bad Comcast guys can't do anything about AT&T...


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I dont know what other services you have like netflix or hulu plus...but the logitech revue is a great platform that combines them all with your existing cable..Its based on google TV software..so to make your phone a remote on it you would need an Android phone..better off that way anyway if you like to tinker with your toys...Most Android device can get root access so you can change absolutely everything about the phone.. http://www.logitech.com/en-us/smartTV/revue ****EDIT*** Iphone is a supported device for the revue...


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Looks like it works with an I-Phone too.
All I really want is a remote I don't need my glasses to use.


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Lol, as much as technology has advanced, it still involves rocks.....as in, beating your head against one!!!


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They make add on devices that are supposed to work.
During my search I saw two different ones.
One plugged into the headphone jack and the other plugged into the charging port.

What we need is a separate interface box to go from blue tooth to IR that way you could use a laptop or a tablet.