Black Rifles I get to play with a FN FS2000 for a while


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My buddy bought one and left it with me to enjoy. It's the model with the built in scope instead of the tactical rail. Optic seems easy to use and the rifle shoulders well.

The gun is not as bulky/thick feeling as it looks in pictures on the web. The forward grip area is the only part that feels odd to me. Of course the trigger sucks but I expected that.

Mags don't drop free so mags changes will be a bit "different" to say the least.

I've read complaints that the plastic stock feels flimsy and cheap. I disagree! Everything feels rock solid to me other than the optic cover which flexes a little if you grab or squeeze it.

The forward case ejection should make my life easy compared to the HK's that toss brass into the next time zone. I can simply stand over the brass buck and catch my empties, how cool is that for a reloader?!?!

I'm looking forward to shooting this thing when time permits.


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I got to play with one (without firing it) when they first came out. They're definitely fun to handle and feel nice. The only reason I didn't buy one was reading lamentations on multiple gun forums about FNH's lack of customer service, repairs or parts availability for self-repair.

Show some pictures of you shooting that sucker and tell us how she performs!