I are here.

Scott J

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Got a duplex in the Utica area of Seneca. A bit more than I'd planned on but my wife didn't want to live apart until the house sells she and the kids are moving next month and we'll manage the house from here.

Had a serious stress overload on Saturday the 14th. Almost called the whole thing off and just went unemployed until I could find something back in AL.

Once we had a plan in place and I got my ammo stash and reloading bench into the 1 car garage we'll be using as workspace and storage I felt much better. Since taking this pic we've moved it to the opposite side because I realized there's no outlet on that side.



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Welcome to the Carolinas. That is pretty country up there. I have fond memories from when I attended
Clemson U. many moons ago.
Glad you made it safely. I lived in Seneca for about the first two months of my life! My mother lives in pendleton so I'm in that direction from time to time.