I am Legal

Finally got my CCw permit. Have not done the Wally world walk yet, but I did a restaurant sitdown last night.
Any suggestions for a IWB for a Glock 23?


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Go mall hopping, Wally World, Sam's... Also, go shopping for some clothes and try on some clothes. This will help you with feeling comfortable. Just pay attention and don't leave it in the stall.

Don't forget to go to a bank. It is legal to carry there.


Congratulations! it is a good feeling,
Even though the law may seem like it is against all firearms in the public, that is mostly because people bitch about the departments who harass people for having firearms and almost never talk about the departments that agree that an armed society is a polite society.

I carried for months before I got past the constant awareness that I had a gun on me. Now, I can carry and truly forget I have it. . . . which is the way it's supposed to be.




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Well not to dig up an old post but I just got mine in the mail today. To bad Wally world doesn't carry makarov ammo cheep. I would have a good reason to go. :)
I have always gone wherever I decided reguardless of the environment. Since I am not as young as I once was, I am a bit more shy of an arsebeatin. I have been a little uneasy in mixed company at times over the last three or so years. Since I have legal ccw, I am more comfortable and less parinoid. More comfortable since I no longer fear an arse beatin, and less paranoid because I am no longer afraid I will be arrested for exercising my 2nd rights.

The scariest place I have visited lately was the DMV. I could not carry there and all the fear and paranoia came back- There was some scary arse lookin people in dat place :lol:


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I'm in about the same boat as Greg. Except the age LOL. seriously though it does feel nice to be legal. I leave it in the car (cz-82) during school functions like daughters orchestra. Still irks me with the law saying that we have to leave it in the car if we go to a restaurant that serves alcohol. Its not even the fact that we are unarmed its just plain annoying to upholster it and toss it in the GB before going in. I think I may get a smaller 9mm in the future though. I love my CZ but i think I would be more comfortable with a Taurus slim or Keltek. It would open up more of my wardrobe for use. :)