Hunting amendment to be on November ballot

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I saw this in my NRA-ILA newsletter. I know this was brought up last year and now it's going to be on the General Election ballot with other purposed amendments. ... s/3483.htm Make sure you vote Nov 2!! ... ber-ballot

Amendment 1 reads:

?Must Article 1 of the Constitution of this state, relating to the declaration of rights under the state?s constitution, be amended by adding Section 25 so as to provide that hunting and fishing are valuable parts of the state?s heritage, important for conservation, and a protected means of managing non-threatened wildlife; to provide that the citizens of South Carolina shall have the right to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife traditionally pursued, subject to laws and regulations promoting sound wildlife conservation and management as prescribed by the General Assembly; and to specify that this section must not be construed to abrogate any private property rights, existing state laws or regulations, or state?s sovereignty over its natural resources??

By voting ?yes,? South Carolina residents will make it a constitutional right to hunt and fish and permit the state to legally provide for proper wildlife management and the protection of private property rights.

The second amendment deals with the threat of labor unions coming into the state and manipulating workers.

The amendment reads:

?Must Article II of the Constitution of this state, relating to the right of suffrage, be amended by adding Section 12 so as to provide that the fundamental right of an individual to vote by secret ballot i guaranteed for a designation, a selection or an authorization for employee representation by a labor organization.?

A ?yes? vote will guarantee employees the constitutional right to vote by secret ballot when they are voting on whether or not to be represented by a labor union.

Amendment 3 would require the state government to increase its ?rainy day? funds.

The amendment reads:

?Must Section 36(A), Article III of the constitution of this state be amended so as to increase from three to five percent in increments of one-half of one percent over four fiscal years the amount of state general fund revenue in the latest completed fiscal year required to be held in the General Reserve Fund.?

A ?yes? vote would increase the amount of money the state government keeps in its General Reserve Fund from three percent to five percent.

Budget figures and tax collections have become much more volatile in the past several years, so some lawmakers wish to increase the reserve fund requirements in order to avoid financial repercussions of sharp immediate turns in the economy.

The fourth amendment is also a reaction to the sharp turns in the state?s economy over the past several years. The amendment reads:

?Must Section 36(B), Article III of the constitution of this state be amended so as to provide that moneys from the Capital Reserve Fund first must be used, to the extent necessary, to fully replenish the applicable percentage amount in the General Reserve Fund??

The amendment would basically make robbing the General Reserve Fund the last resort when the government falls short of money.

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Good info, thanks for the Pre-Election heads up.

On a related note, Here are some facts about Mrs. Haley paying taxes late and having late fees:

Haley took an extension on her taxes
When you take an extension, you must either, (1) pay the estimated amount then or (2) Pay the amount later, plus interest from 4/15 of that year.
So the mudslinging ads from Mr. Sheheen about her not paying taxes, and being "forced to paylate fees," are, to put it lightly, misleading.

I am a Haley supporter, gave her campaign money when she was ranked 4th in the primary, but whoever you decide to vote for: DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Being informed is the most important thing you can do for your state(and country) this fall. If everyone was informed as most gun owners about the "goings on" in government we would all be a lot better off.

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She's had my support all along. They have tried to derail her campaign since day one. When they couldn't get her for infidelity they started other smear tactics.