Huntin' Camp BBQ & Grill Travelers Rest

This place is on the left on the 25 heading towards the mountains after you pass the Dixie store (Dixie Republic).

It is slamming good. I love the sweet potato fries- they are greasy and coated with brown sugar. The BBQ tastes good cold the next day. What more should I say? Oh yes, their portions are ridiculously ginormous. By far the best place I know of in the upstate to chow down at.

Did I mention the plethora of stuffed game lining the walls? Frequently they have live blue-grass as well.

Red Hat

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Sounds good. I'll have to pop up there one day and give it a try! Do they have bibs or do I need to bring my own? :)
The wife and I go there all the time. It is owned by a Game Warden and his family. Friendly atmosphere, good music, and happy people. They have all kinds of sauce for your different taste in BBQ. Stop by in warm weather and sit out on the porch sipping tea and listening to the live bluegrass bands that play on Fridays.