Hunger Games


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Has anybody been dragged by the kids to see Hunger Games? Is it yet another Twilight teen romance masquerading as a man-flick? Let me know so I will leave my carry at home. I would rather ... than sit through another Twilight. ;)


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I liked it except for the beginning where they bounced the camera around a lot. But I would have to say it it targeted for a younger group of people. Love Woody Harrelson.


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I got taken to see the hunger games by my wife and college age daughter. At first I was skeptical, thinking it was just another chick flick. After watching it, I must admit it was a fairly intense action movie. I really liked the Woody Allen movie too.
My fiance and I went and for the 1st hr I was completely lost. Once it got deeper in the movie it started making sense and of course she had to tell me a lil more about it since she's been reading the book. But overall the movie wasn't half bad