Howdy from Cassatt in northern Kershaw Co.

Looking around old pawn shops and gunstores for Remington 500 series rimfires and mausers is one of my favorite passtimes. I enjoy shooting 1911's, Ruger single actions and also have been reloading for about 10 years. Look forward to getting to know some here.


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Welcome from the Greater Goose Creek Metro Area. Charleston is one of our suburbs.

I too enjoy Ruger single actions.


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Welcome...From you first post, sounds like you are at the right place....Please feel free to make yourself to home...



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Welcome aboard!


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Falling in behind everyone else, Howdy! Welcome to the board, hope you will share some of your pawn shop finds with us. I love a good bargain too :)


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Welcome to the forum.
I like to shoot the .22 rimfire too.
I'm not a good enough shot to compete or anything, I just enjoy cmpeting against my last shot.
I have a couple of old .22's I plan to refrubish someday, but no remington 500's