How to spot a hidden handgun


Hope it's not a repost. :D

Ever since seeing this a few years ago, my wife and I have been playing the "spot the CCWer" game when we are in public. It's kind of like our secret little "punch bug" game. :lol:



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Things I look for.......
Heavy clothing in warm weather
Constant adjustment
Clothes that hang-up on one side
Pulling on pant cuffs while seated

I like the idea of the game.


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When my back got jacked up from a work accident i switched over to a 380 in a rear pocket holster and (hopefully) have eliminated all of these issues. I will use my glocks again in winter, but I LOVE the ability to put my 380 in an "uncle george" in my pocket everyday, regardless of what I wear or where i go. Its great.


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I do some of that with my cell phone. And since both of my knees are "shot" (no pun intended) I walk that way. But the rest is pretty true. That's why I opted to carry smaller 9mm and .380 hand guns with holsters that work.