How to post pictures.

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Jan 12, 2010
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In order to post an image in a thread it must be hosted online, Below are some sites you can use. You cannot post a picture from your computer hard drive like some other sites so here are a few popular hosting sites you can use.

1) Once your picture is hosted online, copy the url for it.

2) Paste the url in the message text window in the thread you want the picture in.

3) Type [img ] before the url and [ /img] after the url (without the spaces).
- Example [ img]url for your picture[ /img]

I purposely put a space between the bracket and i to prevent it from turning into a hot link! Leave the space out when you type it.

If you want to link to a picture or image rather then post it, simply type url between the brackets instead of img.

I know Photobucket has a link already made out so all you need to do is copy and paste it eliminating what you need to do above, I'm not sure about Imageshack or Webshots. Also..please note that some sites that host pictures won't allow linking to their site. Geocities is one.
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