How do you practice your malfunction clearing?


We use Saf-T Trainers for all sorts of stuff at home and on the range. You can use them for dry fire practice, practicing reloads, malfunction drills, and more, without leaving your house. When you do go to the range, have a friend load a few randomly in a magazine to easily bring problems with flinching or pulling shots, to light. Incorporate them into shooting drills to see how you react and clear failures to fire. They're really an invaluable training tool.



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I make dummy reloads (no primer or powder) and fill the primer pocket with RTV. That way you can't tell when doing random drills which ones are live and which are not.

Did this with a friend and he hated me for it - he was doing more tap-rack-bang than he ever had before. Turns out he was gripping the almighty out of the gun and wearing his shooting hand out quickly - something we never would have seen with just straight firing practice.