How can you cheer up the oppressed in Moscowchusetts?

Midnight Raver

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By giving them friends in the South... oh, and Marine support in Kaliforniastan!

You might think that the heat is getting to this Polar Yankee, but this is NO JOKE.

Five years ago on 6/1/06, I had first met Frost online in a Forum. We had quickly become kindred friends, and I had also met a select few others there. As the tumbleweeds had rolled by during that Forum's evolution into a veritable Ghost Town, Frost discussed with me the creation of another Forum- a Shooters Forum. I was recruited to assist in taking care of business for Frost and Pops there. Although it was not very successful, it was a valuable experience in helping to form another go at it. This resulted in the birth of the Palmetto Shooters Forum. Now we have grown to over 555 members with more coming all the time. It is more akin to a very large family community of the Carolinas, with a few of us distant relatives as well. The Shootzenfest gatherings have been wonderful get togethers for this community, destined in my humble opinion to become famous both near and far.

As Frost and some others know, my personal life and health have been very trying since 2005 started. However, helping out here and being a part of this CyberHomestead has greatly helped ME keep up my faith and morale. Regrettably I have missed meeting Frost up here- close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Dire wishes to attend the Shootzenfests have not come to fruition- yet. As time passes, I will hopefully get the chance to. Being an outsider that has been welcomed by good old Southern hospitality has boosted my faith dramatically. I must thank you all very much for being here and keeping this old Yankee around. My reasons for this rambling post will become evident in the days that follow, but for now I wish to greatly thank some of you in particular. In alphabetical order, and all in equal sentiment:

Dirk Pitt
HHB Guns

Once again, thank you all for being here- and showing me what true Southern greatness is all about.

Sincerely and with best wishes always,
Midnight Raver
Executive Moderator and loyal servant of the Palmetto Shooters Forum

P.S.: to be continued again very soon... but not soon enough! :cool:


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Midnight Raver- if you're ever down this way, Andrew and I will be more than happy to buy you a beer and a box of ammo to raise your spirits! You've been a huge part in forming the theme of this community and it just wouldn't be the same without you! Hope all is well!


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Thank you for helping make this forum and the spirit with which is run possible. You are always welcome in the low country and there will always be a bottle of Vodka in the cabinet...right beside the Scotch. :lol:

Midnight Raver

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Well, first the bad news- my camera/docking port are officially FUBAR, meaning I can not take any pics to post on the Forum any more.

So, moving on:

The day of the ShootzenFest, Frost and Pops called me after it was over. Then I received news from them that leveled me! They and the other three conspirators had orchestrated a MAJOR morale booster- they had all funded and/or facilitated the procurement and transfer of a Glock 22 .40 S&W pistol up to us here!!! Not an easy task, as there are so many specific rules and conditions that allow a severely limited type of firearms to be had up here. It arrived last weekend and was picked up last thursday by my wife and I in our own city.

Once again I thank you gentlemen from the bottom of my heart, you are simply the best BAR NONE. This gift will certainly be loved and cherished forever.

Now we need a new cam and some ammo- we have got to get to a range ASAP!!! :twisted: