Black Rifles Hot dang my 10mm MP5 clone RUNS


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Well it's only taken me a little over two years to finally get this f&%#$%g thing to run in full auto. Semi function had been OK all along but that's not why I bought this thing now is it!!!

I borrowed a 40 cal German HK BCG from a friend and it would run about 95% with it installed. Since new German parts run about $500 for a carrier and $500 for the bolt I kept looking for used parts on various boards. I'm just too frugal, read that as cheap, to spend $1000 on 2 new parts.

Well I finally came across a used BCG for sale and after some haggling it was mine. Three days later another set popped up for far less money so I bought it also! When it rains it pours I guess. (Shameless plug - I'll have a German HK MP5/40 cal BCG for sale soon.)

As luck would have it the BCG arrived in time to make the Fall ShootzenFest. I installed it and took a few shots in semi, functioned fine, time for the real test. I pulled out my FA trigger pack and installed the 40 cal ejector lever.

Now the moment of truth is at hand...........a quick squeeze of the trigger and a 2 to 3 rd burst results, then another and another. No jams so far and I dump the remaining 20 or so rounds w/o a hitch. HAPPY,HAPPY, JOY, JOY I'm feeling like a giddy school girl.

I load 20 rds in a mag for Jeff and they all fly no problems. I load another for Jason of UAG fame and he unloads it with zero failures too. This gun has never run this good EVAHHH!

By now it's getting late and we need to load up for the long ride home so I had to pack it up but I can't wait to wring it out real soon. Maybe I can have it SBR'd by the time we do a spring 2011 ShootzenFest.

OK I'll shut up now but if you couldn't tell I was pretty excited to get this thing working with my pack.


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Man I thought you and Andy were already gone when I put it together. If I'd known you guys were still there I would have stoked up a mag fer ya'll. Guess I really was to shocked since it ran to notice anything other than the brass rainbow.
Next time you gotta let that thing push you around, it ain't no 9mm that's for sure!


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Now you just need to remove the extra 5 inches off the from and you'll have the badest MP of the all. It was great to feel the power behind the 10mm in FA.

Jeff :D


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You're right Jeff I need to SBR that thing and cut that goofy faux can off the barrel.
Next I plan to find a rail that fits the out of spec receiver, cuz I gotz to mount an Aimpoint on top 'O dat thang so I can bling like da udda pimp daddys round hea!

LG you can shoot the snot outta this 10 millie when you come down for the spring ShootzenFest. By then I should have plenty of the perfect reloads worked up for her.


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A 10mm would be awsome to have. Congrats on getting it running. I have a 9mm that I am in the process of SBRing and I love it. I bought mine used from a 1 owner and have had 0 problems to date.