Homemade Targets


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Oct 15, 2009
James Island, SC
Here is a good idea that I found on the Taurus Armed Forum. I just might try this one out soon. Please excuse the spelling & grammar, I just copied & pasted it!

"I use (to great effect) homemade humanoid shoot n see.
what i do is take cardboard...i work at a furniture store so theres lots of boxes
cut it into my general torso shape-from waist up.
then i spray paint with bright pink paint-early models like in pick i was using notecards glued to cardboard but paint is faster and easier
then cover the surface with clear packaging tape
after words spray with flat black spray paint and you will have a perfect target...
I use them for tactical drills
I highly encourage all to try its very rewarding alot of fun and prob cost 12 to produce at least 6"

Midnight Raver

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Sep 29, 2009
Dodge City, Moscowchusetts
So when the round pierces the tape under the black paint you can see the pink behind it then? That is a pretty cool idea, as those green splat targets you can buy must be somewhat pricey. Great tip to pass along! :cool: