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Disappointing is how I put it, Has anybody seen this? It was more or less survivor only with guns, Food and a cool place to stay. I will admit putting guns in a positive light for a change and seeing some milsurps in action was cool and all but it definitely doesn't need all the drama crap.

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Drama crap makes the world go around now for some damned reason. Someone really needs to go back in time and kill the producers and writers of MTVs The Real World before that show started How they have destroyed society.

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The Survivor concept works on some programs but not this one! All the hype that was promoted for this show lead me to believe that they were looking for a master shooter on all types of weapons through competition not the possibility of elimination because of personality. Under this concept the true master shooter in this group will not be found!

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Yeah, I saw the first show as well and came away very dissapointed. Their choice of weapons according to "time periods" was ridiculous at best. Come on now, the SVT-40?!!! They would have been better off just using 4 different bolt action rifles together, replacing the semiautos with the Kar98K and an Enfield for example.

The whole Survivor shtick just does not cut it either. It could have been a good show, but I think they ruined their chances right from the start.


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biganimal said:
how can ya miss a target that size at 100 yds with an '03/A3 ?
I shoot clay pigeons off the berm with mine.
That guy shouldn't even call himself an X Marine, Even the cocky kid at the end smoked him.