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want some HONEST opinions not the usual ( they are crap) on the Hipoint 380,45,9mm. they are selling for a decent price and since I dont have a lot of money they may be a decent option. thanks in advance


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I can tell you that I had one....I bought it new, had it a year, and sold it for $25.00 to a guy as a tackle box gun....I never fired the gum. It was still new when I sold it for $25.00....

I was afraid to shoot it after some of the stuff I heard about them...

You get what you pay for.....find a used gun of good quality...You will be money ahead.


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I can tell you that I send atleast 4-5 a month back to the factory for customers. I refuse to sell them. If you want to plink and don't care if it actually fires everytime then go for it. If your life depends on it then save your money.
Never have owned one but would if the size was smaller. Some people on The High Road forum bash them pretty hard but some are pleased and have had no problems (and this is typical for all makes). It's obvious that they are made with little regard to looks and finish but I've heard that they typically shoot well but I see no problem myself with them not being as perfect as the big names being that they sell for less than half to quarter of the prettier guns. I think they are garanteed for life. I guess it comes down to either wanting a Rolex or a Timex. They each give the time. They both can and do break. One cost several thousand $, one $19. You want something pretty and shiny and can pay for it, great. I've sent back a Super Redhawk 44 and a S&W 357, yet have a little no name .25 true Saturday night special that would probably melt if left on the dash that works well. As with all guns, if you want it for SD, then take it to the range and assure yourself that it will work all the time with the ammo you want to shoot. That goes for Ruger, S&W, or any of the hand made ones.

I think that most mass produced guns by the big names are very overpriced and the Hi Points of the world tend to keep that in check. I think that there is quite a bit of snobbery when it comes to bashing gun makes. Some people like Cadilacs and yet there ar a lot of Kias on the road. Ask the Cadilac owner why he wouldn't buy a Kia. But when you can buy a lawnmower, even a riding mower for less than some guns, and with many more working precision parts that are as machined and hand fitted and lawsuit prone... It makes you think.

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First I will start by saying I by no means am "snobby". I was just stating the facts. I have been in business for two years and know the mailing address for hi-point by heart from sending so many back. YES, they do have lifetime warranty. No questions asked they will fix it as many times as it breaks. Other than that I have sent maybe a handful of various makes and models back to the factory. A taurus revolver for failure to advance and a RIA 1911 and CZ for finish flaking. Its your choice, I was just stating my opinion.
Hey, I'm not calling any particular person a snob, especially HHB. You are assuredly much more knowledgable on guns than I. Join "The High Road" and search Hi-Point. There are shooters that swear by Hi-Point saying that they are good, accurate and overbuilt and some that think they are crap. The same guy who says they are crap states that he wouldn't buy one because the word is that they are cheap then states that his $500 Taurus didn't fire out of the box but still thinks Taurus's are great guns.

While it is generally true that you get what you pay for but sometimes you pay for a lot more than what you get. Sure the big name guns likely will last beyond my lifetime and fire 20000-100000+ rounds while maintaining acceptable accuracy. Today's average gun owner will never fire 2000 rounds in his life.

Finish and size do not make a gun shoot better. There are a lot of happy Hi-Point owners that swear by their guns. Fit and quality construction makes the gun usually shoot from the start, and if sending it back to fix the initial poor fit and quality results is a good but big ugly gun then cheap may be better (if you don't mine the big Ugly part).

I've seen this in HP vs Texas Instruments calculators. HP marketing style was to provide a quality well tested and therefore expensive calculator. TI produced theirs and they went to the customer without even putting a battery in them ever. They let the customer test them and send them back should they not work. TI ended up with the market share and I was the snob with the HP always bashing the TI's.

I'm guessing that most models of guns from the big names are not test fired before sale. I own a Colt M1991A1 SERIES 80 that couldn't have been test fired before being sold to me new without them seeing a serious flaw that existed. A friend of mine bought a new Taurus that you couldn't advance the cylinder with the trigger right out of the box. His luck was pretty bad because a year later a new S&W had a trigger that broke off on its first shot. Other than the Taurus, I'm sure the other two examples are extremely rare but it shows that they were not tested fully if at all yet they are 3 times the cost of the Hi-Point. Where does all the extra money go? Surely not into test firing their guns.

I've given up on bashing any manufacturer or calling any person a snob but you have to agree that pretty and shiney is nice but not always better, and a lot of those who buy pretty and shiney do look down on those with the crude and ugly often times (my definition of snobbery).

Answering this thread: If you've got only money enough to buy a Hi-Point, then do so and make sure it shoots good. Send it back until it does. Let your own experience be the deciding factor and not what others think. I feel that owning a Hi-Point is a hell of a lot better than not having the money to buy a better name gun and therefore not having a gun at all.

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I do not own one. But, I have shot several and they all went bang when I pulled the trigger.
My only interst in buying one would be the price of the .45. That is very cheep for a .45 cal pistol.
In handling them they are bulky and clumsy to handle. I could not imagine trying to conceal and easly retreve a highpoint! I do know there are many surplus pistols available with tried and true dependability.
For a bed side firearm, they might be just fine. As a plinker- I would be worried about excessive rds down the pipe. As a carry weapon- NO WAY!
If I had to chose to carry a CZ75 or a highpoint-I would always chose the CZ. I am not sure there is a comparable, "price wise" in the 380 or the .45.
There are other examples in 9mm. Add a little cash and you ca have a Makarov, or one of the recent Russian TT clones. It would not take much extra to get one of those neet little Rugers- Or a kel Tec - Opps! Thats mine now :p


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First off, for those who like to read magazine articles:



I own a hi-point .40S&W. It was the first gun I bought and the price tag actually helped. Living in the neighborhood I was in at the time warranted a firearm I felt, and it was what I could afford. I like the saying: "The firearm you have now is better than the one you get later"

While, yes, they are a cheaper firearm (price wise), they are still solid, reliable, and relatively accurate (even if I'm not :p ). I have put about 5-600 rounds through it and haven't encountered a problem yet (on a sidenote, I haven't cleaned it yet either...)

Now, I do know that a few adjustments might be necessary on a few of their guns (always the feed lips on their magazines), I have never seen any other hi-point owner run into any serious problems. I have also never seen any confirmed reports of a KB or other catastrophic failures.

By the way, ever notice it's always a friend of a friend of a friend who heard about the KB's?

Finally, the lifetime unconditional warranty is a high point (...sorry) for the gun as well. No matter how many owners it's had, no matter how many times you've sent it, no matter what's wrong, they'll keep taking it, fixing it, and send it back (with an extra magazine to offset the cost of shipping).

So, I haven't found a single reason to hate on hi-point yet... ok, ONE THING. These guns are uglier than sin. They full out of the ugly tree, hit every branch, then proceeded to get be hit with a brick for a week afterward. I feel like I should put it in my black and decker cordless drill case instead of a gun case.

p.s. I'm actually trying to figure out how long it'll take of not cleaning for it to experience a failure. It'll either fail, or I'll each 1K rounds... which do you think will be first?


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Most everyone that bashes Hi Points have never owned or fired one. They are not pretty and are big and clumsy feeling but they work. Not everyone can afford a Glock, Sig, Kimber, etc. Not everyone is a shooter, they just want some home protection and see no need to pay high prices for something they hope to never have to use. Hi Point and similar manufacturers fill a need for people without a lot of money to spend and help them to protect their families.

Look at all the recalls by Ruger, S&W, Walther recently. Even the well known and higher priced guns will break on occasion. Yes, I own a C-9 and a good and close friend owns a C-9 and his sister owns a 40SW-B. Both the C-9's are great shooters, I haven't shot the .40 that his sister owns. We take the C-9's when we go out shooting and after we shoot them, we just throw them back in the range bag until next time, no cleaning. Goes bang every time.


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thanks guys for honest feed back on both sides. I got a mak 380 the other day while waitng for the atf delay time to pass so I will probably pick up a hi-point 9mm on wednesday. both will be home defense weapons with occasionally being used at the range( candy branch) also with the mak I may since I have heard that some cwp teachers and classes do not allow Hi-points us it to get a liscence since I am tired of the delay and they never deny just delay. have heard that is getting more prevelent with people. Thanks for the replies and feedback and review. looks like one in my future :cool:


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I have never owned a Hi point pistol, but i have fired the 45 and the 9mm. The 9mm worked well, my friend that owned these pistols had failure to feed with the 45. It would not even make it through one magazine. He was limp wristing, that 45 has a massive slide and you have to hang on tight for reliable function. I do not care for them, but i do not look down on them either. My shooting buddy works in a pawn shop and handles the firearm end of it and he has sent back many of these pistols.

I have owned the 9mm carbine, it was used and it was very cheap due to the fact that it was as trashed and beat bad, no sights, mag catch broken, no bolt handle and a hideous spray paint job. I called Hi point to order parts (i was unaware at that point of there service policy) they instructed me to return it. Two weeks later it returned like new with two mags, and a sling. It was accurate and never gave me a lick of trouble, fed everything i put in the mag.

As i understand it Hi Point has two shops, a carbine shop and pistol shop. My freind at the pawn shop has never returned a carbine, I don't know if the difference in reliability is due to design or the shop foreman, but there is a difference between the pistols and the carbine.

I would not endorse the pistol, but i would the carbine without reservation.


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Hamman said:
He was limp wristing, that 45 has a massive slide and you have to hang on tight for reliable function. I do not care for them, but i do not look down on them either.

The hi-point pistols are blow-back operated, so limp wristing is the biggest problem.

As for anything else, I find they have a tendency to be picky about what you feed them sometimes. I've been lucky and mine has taken everything I've given it, and happily. I know some folks who's are a bit pickier. I think any gun is like that though, some prefer one kind over another.


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My name is Rob... and I was a Hi-Point owner....

wow, it feels good to admit that and get it off your chest...

Several years ago, I was almost a victim to an crack'head enraged break in at 2AM. The next day I bought my first hand gun... a hi-point. I knew nothing about them or anything, but the price point and lifetime warranty attracted me. Paid $100 new for the 9mm. Bought an extended mag for $18 too. Went to the range, got laughed at for owning a 'gangster gun'. Shoots like crap, poor fit and finish. After 200 round break-in, with numerous FTF, FTE, and stovepipes, I didn't give up, and decided to keep coming back to the range. Trying every type of bulk range ammo out there from white box, umc, cci blazer, federal... still no improvements. I sold it last year at a show to a guy who was looking for a tackle box gun.

These make good tackle box guns, cheap and you won't cry if you drop it in the lake. Home defense, well... like a deputy at the range said... practice, practice, practice... your clearing skills... get good, because with a Hi-point its not if, but WHEN it jams.

Now if I cross paths with someone looking at them, i tell them my story. And i recommend to them to save a little more and get a used revolver, or used Taurus, S&W Sigma, Bersa, or even a Mil-Surplus TOKAREV or CZ-82 Makarov... or even a shotgun from Walmart for under $200... (28" barrel, saw it down to 18") still just as cheap and much more reliable when your life depends on it.

Just my 0.02


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thanks for the reply, as for the hi point will get it tomorrow, as for walmart selling guns in anderson :lol: walmart barely has ammo here in anderson and greenwood is even worse. did find some 9x18 HP for 14.95 per 50rd box and some russian tula 9x18 for 6.50 for 16 rds which is about 20 bucks for 50.


My dad had a full-size hi-point in .40sw. He bought it new several years ago for about $160. It was big, ugly and heavy. I called it a boat anchor. He put a laser on it and kept it clean. He found ammo that shot reliably through it and I only saw him have FTE issues about once every 100 rounds.

It is not a carry weapon. It would be fine for home defense, if it were the only weapon in the house. I will say this, he was as accurate with it as I was with my XD40.

We play a game at Twin ponds. Throw a tennis ball about 15 yds out. Alternating, shoot the ball, 5 rounds per person. By the last shot, that ball is 50yds out. He could still hit it.

He traded it 2 weekends ago to ATP for $50 off a Smith M&P 40 compact. I patted his back for the great decision. :D