Hi-Lux/ Leatherwood CMR 1-4x24

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So Clicker came over the other day to pick up some parts and he brought his Vortex Viper PST 1-4x24 and I fell in love at first sight. Not currently having enough money to drop on the Vortex I started researching like crazy. I had a friend who recently researched and bought a 1-4 for his Larue OBR. I called him for input and he quickly pointed me to the Hi-Lux/ Leatherwood CMR.

I started researching for two days and only found one bad review out of 100's on midway USA which said his retical broke. I logged on to you tube and found out that six days ago a guy put a very good 16 min review online about it. Based on everything I started searching for the best price. I ended up getting with my Sportsmans guide club discount for $316 delivered. It came in about a week later and within minutes of opening it up I had fallen in love. It had all the same features as the vortex for $150 less. After playing with the illuminated retical I actually have to say I like mine better than the vortex. The glass is super clear!! The only difference I could find between the two was the Hi-Lux only comes with 140 MOA of total adjustment where as the Vortex comes with 220 MOA. I am going to be honest though. I cant see a reason why one would need this much come ups for a scope like this. The scope was only designed for CLOSE/MEDIUM range. 500 yards max. Once zeroed the majority of centerfire calibers will only come up 9-18 moa for out to 600 yards so having an extra 80 moa isn't really necessary.

I decided to mount it with Talley Tactical 30mm Super high mounts. The reason is I am using it on my M16 and I had the owner of talley bring one of each height home with him and we tried each on the gun. I found that the eye relief was best for me right over the charging handle. With that being said I no room to get my fingers in there to pull the charging handle on any lower than super high. It is not high enough that I cant get a good cheek weld. I am in love with the whole setup so far.

I bore sighted it the other night and finally made it to the range this morning. I was shooting Hornady Superformance 75gr BTHP ammo for sight in cause this is the ammo I plan to hunt with...LOL not on full auto. I set up targets at 25 yards and 100 yards. My first shot at 25 was left an 1" and high 3". I dialed it down with the 1/2 MOA per click and shot again. Dead bullseye. I took it out to 100 and fired. 5" high and dead center. Dialed it down and it was dead center. on 4x I decided to shoot for groups so I shot at a new target with 5 shots. That ammo is amazing. I held about a 3/4" group at 100 yards with 5 shots on 4x. I couldnt believe it. It was a used barrel that I got off fordnut and I know he used it alot and I have 1500 rounds though it and it still shoots good even for a 10.5" barrel. I was happy as a pig in slop.

Next I did a long range standard box test which consist of 10 MOA up/down/ left/ right and shoot groups. Then you measure and hopefully with any luck it will track true and be 10" apart. It couldnt have been more accurate. So that means shooting distance is a go for this scope when you need to dial in MOA you can be rest assured it works.

The only other thing I want to mention is the retical is illuminated green. It has 11 settings with 1 being labled as Night vision compatable. Perfect for low light shots.

I am 110% super happy and would recommend this product to others for sure.

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I had been eyeballing some similar optics. Did you run across the Millett DMS 1-4x24 in your journey? If so, did you find any damning evidence against it?

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So Dave is right on this one. Sorry for the delay. Only have my phone while I'm in PA. DO NOT BUY THIS POS. worked great on my .223 for over 300 rounds but only survived 60 rounds of the .450 bushmaster. Got a full refund on it and ended up going with the New Leupold VX-R 3-9x40 with the illuminated reticle. I Couldn't be happier with it. It has survived 100 rounds of the .450 and has taken four deer this year so far.