Heritage rough rider


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They can be sold from person to person...but, Dealers can not handle them...yet.

They have a melting point below what SC law says is safe...but, no way to regulate private ownership or private sales...



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i bought one years ago....i think it was $129 then... mid90's? think i got it in VA?

it was/is basically useless, the sites were just like come on cap guns.
that website link says the new steel guns come with real sights. I think that would be something to look for when buying used.

mine can mainly be used for fast draw practice, and plinking (pointing, since sights are so basic)

to be honest, it's and "all day" plinking gun if you have kids, they will never tire of it. teens and young boys LOVE it.

i bought mine for my mother in law, she could not rack a semi-auto back, and she wanted to be able to reload (she killed a black bear on her front porch once with shotgun - she shot thru the door, she thought it was a drunk)

and the 22 Magnum cylinder made her pretty happy.



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Sounds odd, but your MIL was lucky it was a bear. Shooting drunks can get expensive. Hope the neighborhood drunks hear about it and now know to stay off her porch.


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nah, no big deal...dead men dont sue, and if it happens to be your son in law, your daughter inherits everything, good deal all around!

was back up in West Va, she called the cops, and the cops told her to shoot thru the door, would be too long before they could get there.
you remember those days, when you were EXPECTED to protect yourself?

i think that's why she wanted the Magnum chamber in it, instead of the .22 LR.
it is a FUN gun to shoot, and CHEAP!