Help with scope for my Mosin Type 53 scout rifle


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I have a scout scope on a lever gun, the Leupold 2.5 IER. The eye relief on that optic is 9.3" and it is just about right to have some flexibility in mounting forward of the receiver. The Bushnell you pointed out has 6", which will vary with different magnifications, and you may find to be a little short. I may be biased but I think fixed and lower powers are the way to go on the scout concept. Fixed = more generous eye relief and nicer quality for the money. Lower power is ideal for the quick snap shots that an IER lets you make which is the entire point of a scout scope setup in the first place.

So, while I don't have that particular bushnell, based on my experience with the leupold IER I'd be cautious about the eye relief and the corners that are being cut to offer that kind of scope at <$100.

Then again, for <$100, why not try it out and let us know how it works? :)
I've got an NCStar 2-7 power long eye relief scope I bought for the scout mounting on my Mauser. I added a recoil pad to my stock, and Mauser stocks in general have a longer length of pull than Mosin stocks. So it was just a hair out of focus for me, and I don't want to be leaning over 8mm Mauser at european pressure levels.

Might could work for your rifle; and I'm not asking nearly as much :)