Help with QD Scope Base for AR


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I started thinking about a quick disconnect scope base for a traditional style 1" scope to mount on an AR. The Burris PEPR is standing out. Any other suggestions or experiences? One piece or two separate rings? Height... cowitness or bottom 1/3 cowitness, or does it matter (would use with flip-up sights, not front tower, and would not use together due to magnification)? Reliable return to zero obviously a must-have.


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I love the Bobro on my Blackout.

Also have an American Defense but I have not used it enough to pass judgement yet. The one ting I don't like about the AD mount is the optic can turn as you tighten the rings up.


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I ended up with a PEPR. I don’t know if I like the QD concept. Latch, unlatch, adjust, repeat. You can easily lose the adjustment when removed, so it’s really only “quick” in the “disconnect.” Seems to take much longer to put on than just tightening nuts.