Help with my new action on mossberg 500

I just picked up a new slide action and angled foregrip at the gun show for my 500.

My issue is that its smaller than my old action. So now there is like a 1" gap between the grip and the retaining nut. Do they make a spacer for this?



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I have never encountered this phenomenon as the replacement forends I purchased for my 500 and 590 were model-specific.

The item you linked to says that it fills the gap for Hogue forends that are 6 3/4 inches long. Measure the forend you have now and see if it is that length. If it is shorter then the spacer you linked to will not help without adding something else to make up the distance. If it is longer then you might have to cut or shave the forend or the spacer.
The old one measures out at about 7-7/8". And the new measures at around 6-1/2".
This was just in a pile at someones booth at the gun show. Should have asked more questions first.

I have been spending about an hour doing some research and came across the actual piece. ... Code=PM168

So there is an adapter part for it. Now i just have to see if they can sell the adapter separately.
Hmmm... I didn't even think about a new tube assembly.
But would that lower the number of shells it will hold?

I wrote the ProMag company to see if I can get the adapter separately.
So i will wait and see how that works out.

Thanks for the help Avtomat and Dirk.

Dirk Pitt

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No it won't affect the magazine tube the only thing it will change is the length of the forend tube.
I got a hold of the company, ProMag, and they are being awesome about it.
They said they can send me the adapter.
Didn't ask for any payment. Just my address.
I'm pretty stoked about that. :D
They shipped the adapter no charge and came fast.
And my new rail and sight reflex came right after.

So here is my new setup:

Now just thinking about a new butt stock. I've heard knox is pretty good.