Hello ya'll another FNG checking in.

Midnight Raver

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Shame on you Kazhrei, you know better than that! :evil:

Is that new wife of yours keeping you away from valuable movie study time? :lol:


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Thanks guys!

Kelly's Heroes is one of my favorite movies.

"These engines are the fastest in any tanks in the European Theater of Operations, forwards or backwards. You see, man, we like to feel we can get out of trouble, quicker than we got into it."

lafayette gregory

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Lets keep tryin to build the upstate members schultz. I will try and email Andrew today. Why don't you send andy a message and maybe the guy that shot me. :shock:


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Hey LG how ya doing? just got a mak 380 yesterday and am waiting to see if either a 995ts or a 9mm pistol from hi-point havent decided which yet :roll: well talk to ya later boy finding decent priced 380 is a bi**h