Hello from the lowcountry


Hello all! I was born in Louisiana but I have lived in SC since I was a wee one. I am a professional painter of portraits and History. I have been shooting since I was about ten years old and I shoot mostly for fun but since I carry I do some serious practice on each outing. I didn't bother much with shooting during my college years and after, but I picked it up again as a way to get out of my studio and unload, so to speak.

I enjoy the smoke and noise of shooting, the mechanics of the guns, the precision of target practice, the fellowship of a day at the range and putting rounds on, in and through various targets.

Merry Christmas to all!


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Welcome to the forum. You remind me of myself. I spent a lot of time shooting etc when I was younger. Then I my focused changed to my kids. Now that they are older I have the time to enjoy the shooting sports. People on this forum are very nice and helpful. If you ever need something, just ask.

Merry Christmas