Hello from Six Mile! New guy from Pickens county


Hello Everyone,

My graduate school bound niece has revived my lifelong interest in guns/shooting/hunting. She has the usual college-kid tendencies toward
a Liberal Left view of politics and life---but has gotten the shooting bug and wants to get a concealed carry permit when she starts her new school in Virginia
this fall. I want to encourage her interest and since she hikes a lot I'll be glad if she has means to protect herself. Maybe if she develops a strong regard for the second amendment she'll come around to a more Conservative outlook in general too. heh.
She doesn't have much knowledge of handguns or what she wants. I hope to take her shooting at a range where she can try out a number of different options---
I lean toward revolvers but she may like a semi-auto if she gets to try one.
Anybody have experience with 'Allen Arms' in Greenville?
Any recommendations for an ideal concealed carry weapon for a young (big/tall/beautiful) woman?

Here is the pistol highest on my wish list at the moment: < http://www.dayattherange.com/?p=1194>

JB in the Upstate.
Maybe I'll bump into some of you at the pickens county gun range?


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Welcome to the forum! I can't really say much for Allen Arms as I've only been there twice, so I'll let someone else chime in on that, but if you check out the Girls with Guns section, we've started a thread on gun reviews for the ladies. It's still small, but you might find something.

I also believe that Range Mistress offers CWP classes; you might contact her for more information and ideas :)


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Welcome aboard!


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Welcome to the Family...Glad to have you..

We love girls with guns....Too bad you two didn't make Shootzenfest. Lots of guns to try...

Maybe you can bring her to the upstate Shoot in the fall...



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Welcome! I am in Central and I shoot at the Pickens range and Cedar creek pretty regular. Hope to run into you sometime.


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Welcome to the forum! Pickens county is my old stomping grounds! I was born and raised in Easley. Keep her interest up and through her love of firearms and shooting maybe she'll see the light and shake off those liberal tendencies!


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Welcome, I love Allen Arms to shoot and took my CWP there. However I have never bought a gun there even though I have tried. They are just too expensive.