Hello from PA


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Hello to all. New guy to this site and from Chester County in Pennsylvania. Was stationed in Beaufort at the Marine Air Station 50 years ago. Got to know South Carolina just a bit then and liked it. Now I have the opportunity to visit for long periods of time on a pretty regular basis to help out some Friends who are residents of the state and not in the best of health. Since shooting sports is my passion I am looking for places to shoot while visiting. I would like to shoot trap / skeet / sporting clays / pistol / muzzle-loader (flintlocks) and high power rifles. FWIW, when I visit SC I am in the Newberry area. Also, you folks have a lovely state; and I enjoy visiting.

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Welcome. Newberry is not far from the Clinton House; it’s on the other side of the interstate from Clinton. I’ve shot sporting clays there several times. They started hosting Three Gun matches a few years back and more recently have held long range rifle events.