Hello from Murrell's Inlet

Low Branch

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Hello, all. Brian here from Murrell's Inlet, SC. I love shooting, I travel to Twin Ponds sometimes, and I bring nothing else to the table.


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just bring youself.
I like to shoot at Twin Ponds too! see the bottom of the page fo rphotos from the big Twin Ponds cleanup last October.
the forestry service is planning another similar event this summer.
We'll try to get up a group to pitch in.
Last time there were so many people showed up we were done in about 2 hours.
we were eatin' hot dogs for breakfast!


Low Branch

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A few friends and I went down there recently and we were looking to get involved in a clean-up, since it was painfully obvious that it was needed. We did haul off a lot more shotgun shells than we came down with. There were a few appliances sitting out on the berm but we did not have room to haul those off in the car.


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Good to see you..Glad you found us...

I shoot quite often at Twin Ponds...It is a busy place...I kind of like BoggyHead a little better. It is not quite as busy. I think lots of people don't know where it is, so they go to Twin Ponds...

Hope to see you at the range, or, if anyone is planning a trip to shoot, post up here. Maybe we can meet up...