Hello From MG Jenny

Hey everyone, I?m Jenny from NE Columbia. I absolutely love refinishing firearms and My husband and I are both big into NFA. We own Innovative Arms in Elgin and try to promote NFA awareness/ownership. We also have two kids that enjoy shooting sports but we don't get to shoot often.


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Welcome.. Glad you found us. Hope to see you post often....We could use the input....

I want a M-16...but...I can't afford one...If I had one, I couldn't afford to feed it...

Last time I put my upper on Clicker's M-16 lower, I shot 400 rounds...That gets expensive when you don't reload...



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Welcome to the forum. I've run across ya'lls website in my searches for "things". I Think you'll enjoy the folks here.


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greetings and welcome to the forum!

There is definately some interest in NFA among the Palmetto Shooters Forum members.

Feel free to post your NFA work as well as your other gunsmithing skills


There is also a YouTube link on the formating bar. you can embed a YouTube video like what you have posted on your website right in a post.
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