Hello from Columbia

Alex Nieuwland

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Hello Everyone,

I was happy to find out that this forum exists.

I live in Columbia, SC where I work as a chemist in industry. During the weekends I teach handgun, shotgun, CWP and Intro to IDPA courses for Suarez International and my LLC.

I do most of my shooting at the Mid Carolina Rifle Club in Gaston, SC. We have monthly IDPA, IPSC and Steel Challenge matches, and it?s a great facility. Come visit us if you?ve never been there.



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Welcome to the forum!
I've not been to Mid Carolina, but I've heard good things about them.
The guys at Palmetto Armory Group mentioned them to me.

Do they have a newsletter at Mid Carolina?
Who would we contact about placing an advertisement in the newsletter?

be sure to post your class schedule and how to get signed up. we have a growing group from the Mid state region.
We're do what we can to promote people getting their CWP's. We'll try to do whatever we can to help



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Glad to see someone else from the Columbia area.

You must have been at the MCRC when I had placed some card by the sign in.