hello from chapin!


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hey guys!
little about me:
im on glocktalk & arfcom, screenname on both is glockphobia. kind of a quite guy
in person and on the boards. my toys are g19,21sf,22,23 and just order a g20sf today. proud owner of a ar15 and ar10
shotties: rem 11-87 and saiga12. love the smell of gun powder in the mornin.

see yall around, john


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Welcome...Glad you found us....sorry about your Glock afflicition...but...you are not the only one around here...LOL

Just kidding...I was throwing a slam at Frost...He loves Glocks, also...



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I like Glocks, ARs, Saiga, and Remington shotguns.
I am currently trying to figure out what to do to a Glock 34.