heavy gun - how DO you keep your pants up?


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i have to tighten my belt till it squeezes me to death, then I have to tinkle every 30 minutes because my bladder is crushed.

i have a .45, with IWB holster, but i can't carry it because I look like a plumber.
i can drop a my .380 in my pocket, but it still pulls down that side.

i have a one inch black leather Levi's belt that I use now, do i need a diff belt/ holster?


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You know, that's how the saggy pants fashion craze first came about :lol:

I have the same problem with some of my baggier pants. I stopped wearing them when I carry. The pants I can wear without a belt do the best and I have found that the width of the belt is not as important as the thickness of the leather or webbing, but you do need something wider than 1 inch for sure.


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Get a good gun belt. You will never understand the difference it will make until you get one.


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Ditto on a gun belt. A regular ol' dress belt ain't gonna cut it. Also, what kind of holster are you using?

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I had that problem until I lost weight. What I did was to wear suspenders. Even in the summer I wore them under my shirt so I could keep my shirttail out. Once you get use to the they are comfortable.


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I've carried a full size 1911 on and off for over 20 yrs and unless you want to wear suspenders all the time A good gun belt is the key.


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Gun belts are a must, but holster will help out. I much prefer holsters with 2 clips that are spread wide (ie crossbreed ST or comp-tac MTAC ) to distribute the weight.


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Red Hat said:
I had that problem until I lost weight. .

oh, no chance of that...just went to BREWSTERS for ice cream

do any gun stores in lowcountry have Gun Belts in stock?


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Good belt, good holster.

I personally use a Crossbreed IWB and belt. Works like a champ.

I also use a Dragon Leatherworks "Flat Jack." Also works like a champ.

I've found that quality leather products are one of those "buy once cry once" items that you just need to spend a little more money on to be comfortable. The exception might be stuff like ALICE belts (not that discreet) or the occasional used bargain. My personal technique was to try a stack of cheaper floppy Uncle Mike's style gear, pick the carry styles I liked, then invest in more expensive stuff that works well.


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beltman.net or simplyrugged.com for your belt, measure with your holster on for the best fit.

If you want a IWB go with a MTAC or a supertuck, either is hard to beat.


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I bounce between SC and Ontario, Canada.

There's no CC in Canada--except for gang members and law enforcement :eek: --so I wear size 34 pants and no holster--unless I'm practicing or instructing at a range. Then, I switch to size 36 pants and a Crossbreed IWB, or size 34 pants and a Galco snap scabbard.

If it's a bit chilly in MB, and I'm wearing an outer jacket or hoodie, I'll wear size 34 pants and the Galco snap.

On the drive north or south in the cold months, I wear my Alessi Bodyguard shoulder rig.

But, as said already, the belt is the key. I wear a Safariland Plainclothes Belt. It supports a full-sized Glock or 1911 all day with no problems and no movement when drawing or reholstering.


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bigfutz said:
Why do firemen wear red suspenders?

because they were gifts from Santa?

thanks for the info guys, gonna sell some stuff on ebay, and pick up a holster/belt combo, maybe a wild bill
I just bought a nice fairly substantial wide Dickeys work belt from Northern Tools. It was on sale for $12 or $14. It doesn't seem to stretch much if any. Was planning on getting an Amish Belt (google it or search THR or GRM) when the sale flyer for Northern turned up. I'm just cheap I guess. The Amish was around $29 and another forum was discussing them saying that one of them could hold a bazooka without sagging or stretching.

It seems that as we get older, the butt gets smaller and the pot gets larger. The belt needs to Not stretch where it can be set loose enough where it doesn't squeeze and yet still not sag over the skinny butt and camouflaged hip bones. At least that is what works for me.